Manish Punia
by Manish Punia
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Emergency ki inside story by Kuldeep nayar

this is detailed account of dark period of independent india, which india’s people need to suffer because of power hungury and insecure mother and son politician.

no amount of justification can justify this horror, this was totally motivated to keep power to yourself and control all aspect of power to govern the people at any cost. sanjay gandhi was controling govt despite not being at any position in govt, and the cheif ministers were racing to please him so they score more when it comes to offer power. sanjay extensively used india govt institution for personal and political gain, maruti is his well known scam, where he gets land from haryana CM, at cheaper price. land owener were not even offered market price. this duo worked like laws and rules were not applicable for them. and emergency was like golden period for them to exercise there power like never before. if they had to decide they would have not ended emergency in march 1977 too.

biggest problem with indira and sanjay was they used to behave like they know everything. not listen to anything that they think is not true or not pleasant to them. which made there all the assocites to speak what they like to listen. and truth was far from what they used to hear. sanjays’ 5 sutri plan was horrific thing to happen. where states were given target for vasectomy, just number no matter how you acheive it. people were used to picked up randomly to achive target no matter if want to or not or you have kid or not, even you already had vasectomy. they just looked for result and number, for them it didn’t matter how it was acheived. how on earth anybody in power can do this to their people. it is totaly unimaginable. where india’s people were struggling for roof and food, this guy sanjay was dreaming beautification by removing slum people. It is similar to for removing poverty you kill poor peaple.

police force was working in own way, they were accountable to nobody, picking anybody and torturing them in unimaginable way. MISA was there weapon for every situation, they forced this law on whomever they wished to.

if you read this whole book, you will wonder how this lady came into power even after this emergency. one reason of this is emergency horrific torture reality was sensored and not reached widely to people who had not suffered themself. second reason for this is people forget after some time. third reason is absence of strong opposition.

this book made me feel sad for people who need to go through this horrific experince just mother son duo was power hungry and insecure. 🙏🏾