Manish Punia
by Manish Punia
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Giving good rating to this book is same as liking a tweet which informs about tragedy or unfortunate event. You don’t want to convey that you like that tragedy.

This book is about author’s struggle with her childhood truama, which caused physical illness and depression to her. How she battled with it.

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There are lot of points to take away from this book. I was particularly picked two points.

  1. How we inherite behavoiur from our parents unknowngly (specially, you are not aware and resisting those behavior). I am sure if everybody look into there behavior they will find there are some behavior they carrying forward from there parents. Specially about how we behave in stressful situtation, or how we react or handle diffrent situation.

  2. Suppressing the unpleasent thoughts can manifest the physical illness, this is not the new thing I came across (read a few book about it). But author case clearly shows how mind plays game with body. Another good point mentioned is, humans are social animals, and they are suppose to have relationship with diffrent person to share diffrent issue. If instead of multiple person, this responsiblity come to one person. then it will be too much for single person. and it will affect our relationship with that person.

Author is well read in english literature, I have not heard name of authors and books. There are lot references to characters and books of english literature.